Sistem de apelare clienti SILENT ORDERING SYSTEM

Sistem de apelare clienti SILENT ORDERING SYSTEM

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  • Silent Ordering System - most durable pagersystem


    • A pager system that works every time.
    • No scratchy speakers, unclear calls or displays - more peaceful atmosphere
    • No long queues - less stress for guests and better opportunities for incremental sales
    • No confusion about customers orders - everyone gets what they ordered
    • International communication - beeps and flashes are understood by all
    • No ’lost’ guests: the restaurant pager - a small disc - can also be taken outdoors



    Discreet communication and greater efficiency – with a restaurant pager / coaster

    The situation is familiar: There are many guests in the restaurant, at the café or in the cafeteria. Some are waiting to order, others are waiting for their food to be ready. Some ask when food is ready and where they can collect it. Others ask staff for updates on their order.

    The guest paging system makes it possible to communicate with customers in an efficient, discreet and comfortable way via the discreet restaurant pager.


    How the guest paging system works

    Once guests have ordered and paid for their food, they are given a restaurant pager, a small coaster pager easily carried to and placed on the table. The customer takes the disc to their table. When the food is ready, you send a signal to the disc which beeps and flashes discreetly. This lets the customer know that their order is ready to be collected. While guests are waiting for their food, they keep a close eye on the disc. It may therefore be a good place for branding, advertising or cross-selling.

     All industries can use a call system

    Everywhere where people are standing in line, or waiting for something, there will be an advantage to use  Silent Ordering System. Whether it is in a hospital, where people wait in outpatient departments, in the retail store where you waiting for items to be collected, or simply waiting for a free service employee, there will be time savings and increased service levels. Even for waiting trucks at the warehouse where many trucks are queuing, a wireless pager system will be beneficial in order not to waste time and resources.


    We offer financing: Investment may be spread over a number of months. The self service pager system can also be rented for a 2 or 3 year period, with or without out purchase rights.


    We install the guest paging system for restaurants and teach staff in less than two hours. The paging system includes a simple and concise user guide.